SCALE-UP Initiative Selects 12 Promising Bio-based Solutions for Innovation Support Programme

SCALE-UP, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing the bioeconomy and fostering sustainable regional development, has announced the selection of 12 innovative bio-based solutions from six European regions. The chosen solutions will be part of the challenging SCALEUP Innovation Support Programme, which aims to provide advisory support and facilitate the growth of these bio-based solutions.

The overall goal of SCALE-UP is to establish and enhance regional multi-actor partnerships involving private businesses, governments, policymakers, civil society organizations, and researchers. By identifying and scaling-up innovative and sustainable bio-based value chains that capitalize on regional resources, SCALE-UP aims to unlock the full potential of the bioeconomy in each region.

Let's take a closer look at the six regions involved in the SCALE-UP initiative and the selected solutions from each region:

Northern Sweden
Reselo: Suberin extraction from birch bark to produce fossil free rubber This innovative solution involves suberin extraction from birch bark to produce fossil-free rubber, offering a sustainable alternative to rubber derived from fossil raw materials.

Wood Fuel Network: Social innovation to strengthen the value chain Multi-actor partnerships to restart logging residue extraction in northern Sweden. The goal of the social innovation is to mobilize all actors within the whole value chain and to communicate and exchange best practices for cost-effective deliveries of logging residues with high quality. 

Mazovia, Poland
Biocircular Apple Farm: An interdisciplinary and biocircular space fostering product and service development in the field of bioeconomy and social innovations (from Stowarzyszenje Jablkowa Farma).

Innovations from Apple Pomace:Exploring the creation of new healthy, functional, and ecological products using apple pomace (Gospodarstwo Sadownicze).

Strumica, Macedonia
Bio-compost Machine: A solution focusing on waste management and converting organic waste into organic fertilizer, reducing waste and pollution (DPTU Interaktivna idnina DOOEL – Kavadarci).

Machine for Fine Grinding Residues:A solution to break down plant residues into small particles, enabling their decomposition in the soil and creating bio-fertilizer (ZPGCV Horti Eko Strumica).

Upper Austria
SUN Project - Extraction of Vegetable Proteins:Velvety Manufaktur GmbH aims to develop high-quality food, pharmaceutical, and natural cosmetic products by extracting vegetable proteins from sunflower oil press cake.

Increase the Value of the Meadow Orchard:Streuobstwerkstatt e.U. seeks to generate maximum added value for farmers who cultivate meadow orchards by developing high-quality food products and creating distribution channels.

French Atlantic Arc
COPANO:Developing a straw insulation panel for energy-efficient building construction and thermal renovation, meeting environmental regulations (from COPANO). 

L'Atelier du Biosourcé: Promoting the use of biobased materials in construction and renovation projects through collective action (from Entreprise Duchesne).

Andalusia, Spain
Design and Development of Business Model for Biochar: BIOLIZA aims to commercialize biochar obtained from pyrolysis of olive tree and olive oil industry by-products as a soil improver, water absorbent, and CO2 sink in the olive grove.

Biorefinery COMP0LIVE: Fundación Andaltec I+D+i proposes a biorefinery to condition and treat olive pruning, integrating it as reinforcement in polymer-based composite materials, offering opportunities for bioplastics and nanocomposites.

These 12 solutions have been carefully selected based on their technical, social, and market readiness, feasibility, vision, and their alignment with the principles of the bioeconomy. Each solution represents a unique opportunity to drive sustainable development and create value from regional resources.

In the next months, the SCALE-UP Innovation Support Programme will provide dedicated innovation support services, including market assessments and business model designs, to the selected innovators. The programme emphasizes co-creation, transparency, and open innovation, aiming to empower regional stakeholders and facilitate the successful implementation of bio-based solutions.

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