Exploring Europe’s bioeconomy potential: SCALE-UP project releases comprehensive factsheets

The SCALE-UP project has assessed the bioeconomy potential of six European regions, resulting in comprehensive factsheets. The findings from these assessments show that there are significant biomass resources available in the six European regions, offering various possibilities for the production of bio-based solutions and nutrient recycling, within the ecological boundaries. 
These factsheets assess the bioeconomy potential within the region, analysing three main factors:

•    Biomass availability: Examining agricultural, forestry and industrial residues to identify potential resources for bio-based products and services.
•    Ecological boundaries:Assessing the environmental limitations to ensure bioeconomic activities operate within sustainable parameters.
•    Nutrient recycling:Evaluating opportunities to recycle nutrients in the value chain, making residues a valuable resource and minimizing environmental impact.

The project recognizes the importance of considering the potential environmental impacts of activities. A sustainability screening approach, focusing on soil, water, and biodiversity, has been implemented to ensure long-term sustainable production.
The assessments provide a roadmap for developing a thriving and sustainable bioeconomy in the region. With this knowledge, stakeholders can make educated decisions that promote the growth of the bioeconomy, while simultaneously protecting the environment. The findings and recommendations offer valuable insights for policymakers, businesses, and individuals interested in building sustainable bioeconomies across Europe.

Factsheets presented at regional platform meeting, photo: © BFR.

The SCALE-UP project aims to develop sustainable bioeconomies in six European regions: Northern Sweden, Mazovia (Poland), the French Atlantic Arc, Upper Austria, Andalusia (Spain), and Strumica (North Macedonia).
Find the regional assessments and factsheets here: 
Northern Sweden,Mazovia (Poland),French Atlantic Arc,Upper Austria,Strumica (North Macedonia),Andalusia (Spain)!
Or read the full report here.

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