During the SCALE-UP project, different types of events will be organised to feed into the multi-actor collaborations.

In the target regions and beyond, a series of events will be rolled out, such as capacity building courses.

SCALE-UP Project Presented at Clustering Event Promoting European Bioeconomy Collaboration

7 July 2023

On July 5th, the renowned European project SCALE-UP took center stage at the Clustering event titled "Promotion of the Andalusian bioeconomy through European projects." Rafael Castillo, a [...]

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SCALE-UP Project Showcased at Expobiomasa Professional Fair

9 May 2023

The SCALE-UP project was featured at the recent Expobiomasa professional fair held from May 9th to May 11th, 2023 at Feria de Valladolid (Avda. Valladolid). Organized by the Spanish Biomass [...]

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Second Regional Platform Meeting for Bioeconomy Held in Strumica, North Macedonia

28 March 2023

The second meeting (meeting minutes) for the regional platform in Strumica was organized on March 28, 2023, in the Regional Center for Sustainable Development in Strumica and Vasilevo situated in the [...]

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CTA leads the Andalusian Bioeconomy Platform of the European project SCALE-UP

9 March 2023

To date, the platform brings together eleven entities including agri-food companies, venture capital funds, academic institutions and public administration  The objective is to facilitate [...]

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Northern Sweden as a model and inspiration

23 February 2023

In cooperation with bioeconomy stakeholders in northern Sweden, BioFuel Region has organized the annual Swedish Bioeconomy Parliament in February 2023. The theme for the event was changes within the [...]

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First regional platform meeting in Strumica, North Macedonia

7 February 2023

The kick-off meeting for the regional platform in Strumica was organized on the 7th February, 2023 in the municipal premises. Eight representatives from the Municipality of Strumica, NGO Planetum and [...]

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TMG Organized the Austrian Regional Platform Kickoff Meeting

7 February 2023

The kick-off meeting for the regional platform in Upper Austria/Linz was organized on the 7th February 2023, in the premises of Business Upper Austria. It was organized as part of the advisory board [...]

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SCALE-UP Community of Practice Meeting

1 December 2022

Virtual event, 1 December 2022 The first joint online meeting with the members of the SCALE-UP Community of Practice (CoP) was held to get to know each other and to present the project’s [...]

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SCALE-UP Cross-regional Assessment Workshop: presentations and report available

23 November 2022

Virtual event, 22 and 23November 2022 A cross-regional assessment workshop was held online in the framework of the SCALE-UP project. Partners and stakeholders from six SCALE-UP focal regions gave an [...]

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SCALE-UP Kick-off-Meeting

16 September 2022

Seville, Spain, 14-15 September 2022 The Kick-off-meeting of the SCALE-UP project took place on 14-15 September 2022 in Seville, Spain. Under the coordination of ECO, the consortium planned the work [...]

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