WS 3, Session 1 - Digitalisation in the Bioeconomy - Introduction to Digitalization in the Bioeconomy

Tue, Jan 16, 2024 | 09:00 - 12:00 AM CEST | Online

Monitoring and sensorization of the bioeconomy with digital technologies

Session #1 of the training block "Digitalisation in the bio-economy" focuses on new technologies and digital tools. The goal of this session is to examine their potential to facilitiate innovation and development in the context of bio-based products and solutions.


  • The Role of Digitalisation in Shaping the Future of Bioeconomy
  • Overview of Digital Technologies in Bioeconomy: IoT, Sensors
  • Digitalisation Strategies for Bio-Based Industries
  • Unlocking biomass potential with digital technologies via EU and national projects
  • Digital technologies for unlocking biomass potential (case studies)

Check the Agenda here



Digital Region: needs and challenges for digital transformation

Digital technologies for unlocking biomass potential: Understanding the integration of digital technologies in bio-based product development

Future Farm – Digitalization in the agri-food sector

Value Chain Generator: Smart data platform for the development of bioeconomy

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