Passion for Sustainability Ignites at Strumica Event

On June 6, 2024, forty passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds converged in Strumica for a dynamic discussion on environmental protection and sustainable development. This impactful event reinforced our collective commitment to safeguarding biodiversity and championing eco-friendly practices.
Attendees benefited from insightful presentations on pressing environmental concerns. Macedonian Forests highlighted the devastating effects of illegal logging and advocated for stricter conservation measures. The Institute for Biometric Research in Skopje emphasized the critical role of air quality monitoring in promoting urban sustainability and improving public health.
A key highlight was the presentation by SDEWES-Skopje, showcasing the SCALE-UP project's innovative efforts to develop a thriving bioeconomy in rural areas. Their work exemplifies how economic growth can be achieved in tandem with environmental sustainability.
The event culminated in the identification of actionable strategies to increase bio-based production within ecological limits. These strategies include:

  • Enhancing knowledge exchange on biomass
  • Improving biomass selection from agro-factories
  • Promoting integrated composting systems

Looking ahead, we are excited about the upcoming student competition in Strumica and the continued development of the MAF+ platform, both of which will drive the adoption of bio-based solutions.

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