Discovering Macedonia's Green Energy Marvel: SCALE-UP Study Tour Unveils Biogas Plant Innovation

In a recent two-day study tour organized under the SCALE-UP project on 16 and 17 October 2023, a group of stakeholders from Northern Sweden, Poland, Upper Austria, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands delved into the heart of Macedonia's bioeconomy and discovered a groundbreaking biogas plant near Saramzalino. The tour, led by project manager Mr. Arti Qormemeti and power plant manager Mr. Sashko Milovanov, showcased the plant's innovative approach to eco-friendly electricity generation and its role in fostering collaboration with local farmers.

Macedonian Recipe for Biogas Electricity: A Sustainable Energy Revolution
The study tour was strategically designed to provide a holistic understanding of Macedonia's bioeconomy, and the visit to the biogas plant played a pivotal role in this exploration. Participants had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the collaborative efforts between the plant and local farmers, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between sustainable energy production and local agricultural practices.
Arti Qormemeti, the project manager, and Mr. Sashko Milovanov, the power plant manager, served as knowledgeable guides during the tour, providing valuable insights into the plant's operations and its collaborative initiatives with local stakeholders. Their expertise illuminated the intricate balance between technology, agriculture, and community engagement that drives the success of the biogas plant. 

Journey Unveiled: From Inception to Innovation
The study tour meticulously explored the journey of the biogas plant, from its inception in 2018 to the commencement of the trial period in 2022. With a committed lifecycle of 50 years, this venture represents a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy practices. A focal point of the tour was a detailed exploration of the biogas plant's unique 4-stage anaerobic process, guided by four symbiotic bacteria initially sourced from cow manure. Through on-site demonstrations and discussions, participants gained a profound understanding of the plant's innovative approach to electricity generation.
An exclusive visit to the plant's laboratory showcased the meticulous processes involved in maintaining the health of the crucial bacteria. Daily testing, automatic feeders, and a commitment to continuous improvement were highlighted as essential components of the plant's success.

Sustainable Solutions and Collaborative Commitments
Processing 80 tons of manure from 30,000 pigs and 300 cows, the biogas plant not only generates electricity but also sets an example for repurposing organic waste, reducing air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
Beyond the technical aspects, the study tour emphasized the biogas plant's commitment to sustainable practices and local collaboration. Participants learned about the plant's role in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by repurposing organic waste, as well as the collaborative efforts with local farmers to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

A Beacon of Sustainability
The study tour concluded with a reflection on the biogas plant's significance as a beacon of sustainability in Macedonia. Participants left with a deeper understanding of how green energy solutions can be integrated into the broader context of a region's bioeconomy, showcasing the potential for replicable and scalable initiatives.

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